How to get a Glostoar

The demand for these unique "Glostoars" is pretty steep...and Captain Sam does need to charge a fee (or else his first mate will pull the plug on his boat!)... 
Pricing varies and depends on the subject.  Custom oars take time and Captain Sam strives to make each one special for those on the receiving end.
Sending an email to : and describing what type of Glostoar painting you are looking for.. ie...your home...your boat...your pet...your favorite for a loved one...etc..  Providing detailed photos of the subject you are interested in and some info about what you want the oar to capture will be helpful.  Texting these over to Sam at                       617-875-6183 may work as well...(it depends if the fish are biting or not!).   Capt'n Sam has dozens of oars to choose from "in stock" and figuring out what size and subject adds meaning and beauty to the end result.  Being creative and making each oar a true "one of a kind" is Captain Sam's goal so if you want to stop by and pick out an oar and go over in detail what you want the end result to be just let us know.  These oars will be an heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to the next so getting it right is important.   Turnaround time can be a week to 4 weeks...depending on the detail needed.   
Thank you for your interest.... Row on!